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Staff augmentation services include the collaboration between in-house software development team, and an offshored partner. Let the skilled IT experts of PixelPk handle your project with updated tech strategies!






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What is IT Staff Augmentation?

An outsourcing strategy that is used to allocate a team member or some members for a project and respond to the business goals. The technique includes the evaluation of previous existing staff and then analyse what additional skills do they require.

This approach doesn’t only scalability the business objective of the client by also letting the experts handle the project effectively. Basically, this outsourcing strategy lets the in-house team work on that project on an as-needed basis. So, be it a short term project, or a long term contract, staff augmentation categorised the dedicated team efficiently. 

  • Product Staffing–When a dependable workforce is required, but no specific skill set is necessary.
  • Developers & Programmers–When workers with particular skills are needed, but the depth of those skills is flexible.
  • IT Team of ExpertsWhen resources with advanced skills, typically gained through training and experience, are essential.
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What is the Working Strategy of Staff Augmentation?

A flexible solution that is exactly customised according to your business objectives!  It may vary on the project, but generally it involves these steps:

A clear understanding of your staffing needs ensures you’re in the best position to create a high-functioning team with the energy, creativity, and skills needed to complete your project on time and on budget.

Set a Purpose: The foremost step is to have your outsourcing objectives. Do you need to bridge a talent gap or expand your project team due to understaffing?

The Skilled Team & IT Experts: You must have a deep understanding of your staff that allows you to assemble a skilled, creative, and efficient team capable of delivering your project within the set timelines and budget.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation:

Upscaling: Staff augmentation helps you to expand your team to meet evolving project needs.

Economical: You just have to pay for resources only when necessary, reducing long-term expenses.

Top-notch IT Experts: Step into a global talent pool with specialised skills to enhance your project.

Why Choose PixelPk for Staff ? Augmentation

The choice between in-house software development and hiring an offshore partner is often challenging. At Pixelpk, our pool of vetted engineers brings specialized expertise, cost-effective scalability, and faster project delivery to enhance productivity while mitigating risks.

Access to Top Talent

The ability to tap into a global talent pool with diverse skill sets.Quick access to specialised professionals who can address specific project needs.


Reduced overhead costs compared to hiring full-time employees. Elimination of recruitment and onboarding expenses.

Enhanced Productivity

Focus on core business activities while offloading non-core tasks to augmented staff. Augmented staff often come with experience and can quickly contribute to project progress.

Risk Mitigation

Minimised risks related to hiring full-time employees who may not be needed in the long term. Reduced financial risks as augmentation services can be adjusted to match project budgets.

Quality Control

Many staff augmentation providers have established quality assurance processes to maintain high work standards. Regular performance monitoring and feedback mechanisms.

Data Security

Compliance with data security regulations and industry standards for the protection of sensitive information. Compliance with data security regulations and industry standards for the protection of sensitive information.

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we are your partner in crafting exceptional SaaS solutions tailored to your unique vision. Beyond development,

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we are your partner in crafting exceptional SaaS solutions tailored to your unique vision. Beyond development,

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we are your partner in crafting exceptional SaaS solutions tailored to your unique vision. Beyond development,

Model Selection

Choosing the rigth coorporation model coorporation model

Extended Team Managed Team Custom Solution Team
Problem to Solve Scale your core engineering team with flexibility in mind. Delegate part of your product development to a separate, self-sufficient engineering team integrated with your delivery organization. Solve your business issue with an end-to-end tech solution.
Input From the client A team profile - a team and skillset definition, a project backlog, and established processes. A product vision - a roadmap, engineering requirements, project documentation. The definition of done - the time and scope of the solution, acceptance criteria, the solution vision.
Communication Structure You communicate with developers and an Pixelpk manager on a daily basis. You communicate with developers and the Pixelpk project manager, who is responsible for the team management and executes day-to-day technical guidance of the team. Additionally, you discuss the team state and its achievements during quarterly business reviews. Apart from regular communication with developers and the Pixelpk project manager, you discuss roadmap progress updates, the project budget, its major milestones, and releases during quarterly business reviews.
Value Delivered by Pixelpk
  • additional team capacity with top talent
  • flexible scaling
  • a strong employer brand
  • team retention and HR management.
  • team and development day-to-day process management
  • project environment and processes frameworks are set up
  • transparent and established team management practices
  • quick on-demand access to N-iX
    company-wide tech expertise.
  • design of the solution roadmap with its further implementation.
  • end-to-end solution delivery: from the
    vision to a full-fledged product
  • solution accelerators that reduce the project launch time, minimize development costs, and mitigate delivery risks.
Choose Your Model Quickly expand my team Set up a dedicated team in EE Build a custom solution
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Validate Your Product Concept, Scope, and Prototype with Confidence. Our Seasoned Architects, Business Analysts, and UX Experts Minimize Risks for you.
Unlock Expert Consulting and Access Additional Tech Proficiency through Pixelpk’s Centers of Excellence. Our Professional Community Develops Talent, Shares Best Practices, and Ensures Service Excellence
Your Extended Team Adapts to Your Preferred Software Development Methodology. Pixelpk Demonstrates Flexibility with an Agile Mindset, Profound Expertise in Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and More. We’re Experienced in Distributed Teamwork and Safe Implementation.
Seamless Integration: Our Offshore Developers Become an Integral Part of Your Onsite Team. They Report Directly to You and Participate in Your Daily Meetings. At Pixelpk, We Prioritize Effective Communication and Ensure Our Experts Are Fluent in English.
Fostering Mutual Understanding: Our Development Centers in Europe and Latin America Foster Strong Alignment in Business Ethics and Culture, Enhancing Collaboration with Our European and American Clients.
Rapid Team Onboarding: Thanks to Our Talent Reserve, Proven Recruitment Expertise, and Strong Employer Brand, You Can Have Your Outsourced Team Up and Running in Just Weeks. Count on Our Support in Ensuring Seamless Alignment of Teams, Technology, and Business Processes.


We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation involves hiring skilled tech professionals on a temporary basis to supplement and support in-house teams for specific projects or tasks.

PixelPk rigorously screens and selects staff augmentation candidates based on their technical expertise, experience, and past project performance, ensuring top-tier quality for clients.

PixelPk offers augmentation for various tech roles including software engineers, web developers, data scientists, UI/UX designers, QA testers, and project managers.

Yes, PixelPk offers flexibility for scaling your augmented team up or down as per your project requirements, allowing for efficient resource management.

PixelPk establishes seamless communication channels and collaborative tools, ensuring real-time interactions between in-house teams and augmented staff for smooth project coordination.