Software 101: A Complete Guide To Different Types Of Software

Software 101

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The ever-evolving landscape of software demands every tech person to remain updated. We are living in an age where technology changes in the blink of an eye, which is why keeping up your pace with the world seems nearly impossible. You will not only feel FOMO, but also get confused within a while when you see a complex pool of different types of software. 

But there is no need to be worried about it. We have got you covered!

Whether you want to step into diverse software solutions, or you seek to upgrade your knowledge related to different types of software, this guide will unwrap everything!

From covering different software used for different approaches to answering commonly asked questions at the end, we will help you out in each step.

So, let’s fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to start the journey of learning different software.

What is Software? Definition & Examples

The software acts like the invisible magic happening behind your computer. It follows your commands and makes things happen.

It is an essential part of your machine, and it works quietly while you use your computer, like your mouse, monitor, hard drive, and keyboard.

You have probably used common software like:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Chrome
  • PowerPoint
  • Gmail

These are just a few examples. There is a vast arrangement of software out there, and each of them serves a unique purpose.

The key that you need to understand is that every software works differently from another, and every one of them has its framework, source code, nature, and working.

Softwares have distinct features and functions designed for specific tasks. So, as you explore the digital landscape, we must appreciate the different types of software that play a collective part in enhancing your computer experience.

Now, you must be thinking about different types of software as we have just mentioned. So, have a break, and let’s read the next section of the blog.

What are Some Different Types of Software?

The four major types of software are:

  • Application Software
  • System Software
  • Programming Software
  • Driver Software

Application Software

As a tech person, you interact most with application software or ‘apps.’ These are the user-friendly programs that empower you to get things done. 

Below we are giving you some examples of application software designed for specific tasks:

MS Excel:

  • It is a Spreadsheet type software
  • It is used for the Presentation and analysis of data


  • It is a photo editing application software by Adobe
  • It is used for visual enhancement, cataloging, and sharing of pictures


It is an online communication app

It is used for video chat, voice calling, and instant messaging

The above-mentioned software is also used as an application, as you download them all to get accessible.

simplify various tasks, from organizing data to perfecting photos or staying connected online.

They represent just a glimpse into the diverse world of application software designed to make your digital experience seamless and productive.

System Software

You can also call them non-essential software. They are like your digital toolkit. They meet your specific and customized needs.

These apps are installed on your computer based on what you want to do, and with technology constantly evolving. And the options for these applications keep growing.

Examples of system software are given below:

  • Operating systems
  • Internet browsers
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows

Programming Software

Programming software is not something the average user interacts with. It is designed for programmers who write code.

These tools, used to create, develop, test, and debug software, are important for building applications and system software. 

When you work in a bespoke software development company, this programming software helps you to make your work more efficient and thus makes your life a bit easier.

It is the behind-the-scenes magic that brings our digital world to life.

Let’s see some of the commonly used examples of programming software in the section below.

  • Notepad
  • AWSCloud9
  • JavaScript
  • Jenkins
  • Python
  • GitHub

Driver Software

Driver software is the one that plays the real game. They take charge of devices that are connected to your computer.

These drivers play a vital role in allowing devices to do what they are designed for. And they do it by translating commands from the operating system to the hardware. 

In simple terms, they make sure each connected device can perform its tasks smoothly. They work as a language translator between your computer and its hardware and ensure that everything works seamlessly.

Now, let us give you some of the commonly used examples of driver software.

  • Print driver
  • Graphics card
  • Auto driver
  • Network adapter driver
  • Mouse and keyboard driver
  • Storage controller driver


As you have seen some of the valuable content is related to the different types of software. Every one of them has different tasks and assists the user in different ways.

Now, let’s answer some of the frequently and commonly asked questions related to the software and applications in the section below.

What are the Most Common Types of Software?

Application software is the most common software type and the one that end-users interact with frequently. These programs help carry out tasks related to the:

  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Creativity

What is the Difference between Software and Application?

The software is a system requirement that collects data and information. It utilizes this data to command a computer system to function in a specific way. 

On the other hand, an application is a type of software program that assists people in performing any particular activity on their device.

What are the 5 System Software?

Following are 5 different types of software.

  • Programming language translator
  • Operating systems
  • Device driver
  • Firmware
  • Utilities

Summing Up:

So, there are multiple ways to define and classify the different types of software. It all depends upon the custom solution you are working on. 

We have mentioned some of the famous types of software in this blog. These all will help you out with any kind of assistance in software solutions.